Paros 🌸🧿 Visual Diary

We stayed at Naoussa, the most cosmopolitan place in Paros. Although a bit crowded, the village was breathtaking and we had a lovely time there!

The place was a typical cycladic greek island, all in white and blue and with little alleys filled with shops and restaurants!

  Places to eat : 
  • Pizzarella
  • Soso
  • Palaia Agora
  • Safran
  • Yemeni
  • Statheros
  • Takimi
  • Meat Bar
  • Tsachpinis
  • Amelie for Breakfast/Brunch (can't recommend this enough, bohemian decoration, very tasteful plates, healthy and eco-friendly too!)
  • And of course don't forget to try traditional Loukoumades, you will recognise the place from the line waiting to get them!

 Places to have a drink :

  • Linardo
  • Barbarossa Bar
  • Panorama
  • Agosta
  • Karnagio



With eco-friendly bamboo straw! :)



Although windy when we were there, the beaches were great! I really recommend Santa Maria and Kolybithres. Also, Golden Beach, but becareful of the wind there, as it's a surfing beach!


Santa Maria
Golden Beach
Till next time!

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